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William Peters, Jr. is a successful industrial professional qualified by twenty-eight years of visible hands-on and professional achievements in the corrugated packaging industry.  Multidisciplinary designer with an eye for innovation and packaging perfection. He has worked with a magnitude of clients (e.g. Greenville Technologies, First Solar, CK Technologies, 20/20 Plastics, Cooper Standard, Alex Products, etc.) and although his skill set is vast, his greatest expertise revolve in the worlds of cost effective designs and packaging.  His design work has qualified for two patents thus far in his career.  His wish is to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas to deliver innovative cost savings to his clients.



Vice President of Sales

Brian Deiger has been packaging professional for nearly twenty years working on large scale product launches with a specialization in project management and multi-plant packaging solutions. Having served a broad array of industries from consumer products and automotive to solar and chemical, Brian's experience has been broad. Brian also has created and deployed various JIT programs to support unique customer needs. Complementing his experience is an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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